About Us

Welcome! my name is Patrick. I started Bastens many years ago as an outlet of my ideas to others of similar interests. Through my every day life and hobbies I modify, create, and build constantly; too often I am asked by friends and family "where can I get one". You may have been lead here by comments from others on forums or found my products listed on other selling platforms such as our store on Amazon or our store on CafePress. Using the web I provide a means for others to enjoy my little inventions and other crazy ideas. This site offers products from different ends of the consumer spectrum ... this is why you will see RC HopUps, posters, along with clothing with funny slogans. In short this site is an outlet of inventions bouncing around in my head to humor from my every day life experiences through my custom T-shirts. Enjoy!

I appreciate your business and support. I also appreciate you buying directly from this website in lue of our Amazon store. This will save me cost in transaction fees that other miscellaneous sites charge. Buying directly via this website is safe and secure as I use Paypal for all my credit card processing, you may recognize the name which is why I use them. Credit card numbers will never seen by me or my staff as Paypal keeps them secrete and secure via their website. I would like to also note that we pride ourselves on the fact we ship orders by the next business day, most of the time we ship the same business day. If you have questions or comments, of the constructive kind ;) please email us and we will do our best to answer all of your questions the same business day.

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