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We pride ourselves on our our past 10+ years experience selling online here on our website, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Buy.com, eBay.com etc. In 2016 we filled over 6,000 orders!

What do our customers say? During 2016 on Amazon 203 customers took the time to leave us customer service feedback using Amazon's impartial third party feedback system. We are happy to report *ALL* reviews left in 2016 were ★★★★★ (5/5) Star ratings!
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We offer two primary product lines:
1) Custom 3D printed items we designed & built here in the USA. Items vary from toys to tools.
2) We designed our own line of mobile charger accessories and offer them to you. This is mostly a pet project of the owner because he was tired of the crap sold on the web that doesn't perform to the advertised specifications. Being an Electrical Engineer he decided to have his own custom designed accessory line. So don't be fooled if they 'look' like other brands, make no mistake that internally they are modified to outperform the competition.

Thank you for looking and have a nice day !

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